Flies the time

Oh my gosh, I honestly can’t believe how quickly time is going by lately! I am so busy too with two jobs. The weather is finally starting to feel a bit nicer here, so I have been trying to get outside for longer walks, but haven’t done a good hike yet 😦

SO! I HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE IT TO 1 1/2 YRS! As of yesterday – 548 days which was 1 yr, six months exactly since I quit smoking and drinking. Holy crow…

Things are going really well! As I said, really busy (but that’s good), feeling much more calm and in control than I think that I ever have. I have been having some issues with some people in my life and I have been able to step back, think about it calmly and figure out how to proceed without losing my sh*t or bottle my emotions up then get drunk and send angry texts (haha, oyyy… weren’t those the days?!! Ugh *insert eye roll here*). I’m feeling incredibly productive at work too. What I AM noticing is a bitchy type of intolerance within myself towards the ridiculous need for other people to push/promote/celebrate alcohol. (See? There was no need for me to insert the word ridiculous there, but I did, and I rolled my eyes and grimaced when I did it too. That’s what I’m talking about.)

I have one of my twice yearly in-person national board meetings in a few weeks and our “socializing events” that have been organized include a dinner at a pub, and then a wine and distillery tour (via a bus, with dinner somewhere along the route). Actually, those are the only two socializing events that have been organized, and I feel really… frustrated. My initial reaction was “Seriously?!” I want to go to them because I love socializing with this group, but I am actually already feeling really anxious about it. What do I do – take a bottle of Carbonated water with me on the tour? I know I would be the only one declining it if I choose to go that route.

Hope you are all doing great, I’m really need to find the time to get in here more often even if it’s just to keep caught up on how everyone is doing. Do any of you have any great time management tips or websites or books to recommend?




  1. soberinvegas · April 27, 2018

    oh man…the work thing is ROUGH. Maybe you could call ahead to some of the places on the tour and see if they have any alcohol free alternatives? : ( woof. I’m so sorry. re: time management….I use google calendar as my reminder system so I don’t forget things! I put ‘appointments’ in for things like ‘call the dentist’ or ‘remember to pick up milk on the way home’ because otherwise I would never remember ANYTHING…! not sure if that helps! ❤

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · April 27, 2018

      Thanks! That does help because I use my calendar to add in appointments and even slot in specific times to do certain work tasks so it’s nice to hear when someone else does that too 😊

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  2. ainsobriety · April 28, 2018

    I would not go on a wine or distillery tour. It will suck.
    There will be more opportunities to socialize. Not everyone drinks.

    Woo hoo! 18 months is awesome.


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  3. Finding a Sober Miracle · April 28, 2018

    I have no time management advice. I need some myself. On the other hand, CONGRATULATIONS on a YEAR AND A HALF! Isn’t amazing how life changes in that short period of time? You rock! 💕

    And I also have the bitchy watching other people drink attitude. I think it’s healthy in a way because it’s like our minds are setting up barriers to drinking again. Better judgmental than jealous. 😀

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · April 28, 2018

      Better judgemental than jealous- hey you are SO right!! I love that! Thank you! I will bitchy bitch on 😉😁


  4. suburbanbetty · April 28, 2018

    Yay for you!! That is a very long time and you have done well. I am grimacing and eyerolling right along with you. It’s taken me years to get to where I’m okay that alcohol EVEN EXISTS, let alone people want it for some reason.
    Regarding time management I have a few ideas: one of them is decide ahead of time (like at the beginning of the week or in the morning) what you are going to accomplish in a specific period. Don’t overload yourself with so many tasks or so large a task that you cannot possibly finish them, schedule do-able chunks of time, complete the task, check it off your list.

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  5. Untipsyteacher · April 30, 2018

    Yay!! So happy to hear from you and know you are on day 548!!

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