Midnight silent disco yoga

I was just reading this article:


And I thought I would share it for those of you who haven’t heard about these events! They sound really cool and interesting and N/A (!!). I have never heard about them before. I think I’d actually travel for some of The Shine’s events, they sound really interesting and tickets are only $30.

PS the Midnight silent disco yoga is a real thing – Outdoor Yoga SF holds them.

Beverage fridge

I think I can honestly say that this is a little part of the reason I’ve been able to stay sober – a full selection of cold assorted drinks readily at hand. My “tea cupboard” is pretty similar – large assortment of teas, coffees and hot chocolates. You should see the expression on guests faces when I fling the door open on that little fridge. “Can’t offer you a beer, but would you like a coconut water? Non alcoholic ginger beer? Flavoured water? A sparkling fruit drink?” Hahaha. Woouulllddd ya prefer something hot instead?! 😁


I think I found my summer drink. A raspberry mojito mocktail. I had one at a restaurant last night and it was delicious. It didn’t even really bother me that while I was drinking it other people at our table were commenting on how good it looked but that it needed rum or vodka or both. I couldn’t even imagine it with anything alcoholic in it, I was just envisioning sipping on it while sitting outside in the hot sun, listening to the birds chirp, lol.

It was made with mint, crushed raspberries and chunks of lime, and lots of ice. And sparkling water. It was topped off with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint, and it was heaven in my mouth and beautiful to look at. I do like raspberries though, I think that they’re my favourite fruit. I bet that strawberries or blackberries would also be fabulous in this too.

I used to joke about how growing up with parents who forced me to drink Buckley’s syrup set me up for being able to drink anything and take shots of any alcohol straight up. Ran out of stuff to mix vodka with? Noooo problem, I’ll just drink it straight up. Oh, you think your wine might be a little off? Nooo problem, I’ll drink it anyway and make fun of you for having leftover wine that even has a chance to start turning to vinegar.

In sobriety this has changed though into really, really appreciating and savouring different drinks and flavours. Good coffee, gingery gingerales, tangy citrus, some of the  awesome natural root beers, drinks like the raspberry mojito mocktail…. And even just sparkling waters. I drink a lot of water too, but even that I find that I fruit infuse (latest fave is pineapple & mint)

Hope everyone s having a great weekend! Lazy Sunday here ❤

It goes on

Checking in at 150 days. Having a hard time the last few weeks, feeling sullen and angry.  Mostly angry at the boyfriend as his drinking has ramped up lately (or so it feels like) and other friends who seem to have the “oh really? You’re still not drinking?” Attitude. Honestly I don’t know why it bothers me. I think it’s because I just want to go and do different things and have fun and the boyfriend can’t seem to even comprehend a simple vacation unless it includes a group of his drinking buddies. He cancelled our planned trip to vegas with some bullshit excuse. 

So I have been spending time by myself and meeting up with my kids as often as I can. I’m pampering myself and giving myself lots of self love. I’m renting chick flicks and watching them by myself. I can’t wait for the weather to improve here so I can get out more. It’s starting to feel like spring sort of. I’m going to try to go on some weekend road trips and I have a trip up north coming up in 2 months.

Still sober and for that I’m grateful.

Cleanse this

If I took a picture of my work desk right now, there would be a lot of mortified / traumatized people out there haha. It is utter and complete chaos because the fog that was clinging around my brain finally lifted and I have been in high gear since then! FINALLYYYYY!!!

I started a cleanse about 3(?) weeks ago because I was feeling so incredibly sluggish. This isn’t one of those “only drink clear liquids and fresh raw veggies” cleanse, it’s a herbal cleanse from Renew Life (I think it’s a Canadian Company) and it is formulated to stimulate the detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system. You don’t have to follow a special diet with it although they do have some suggestions. I have also been doing the full body scrub including scalp scrub once a week. I am trying to make it as easy as possible for my body to get rid of any toxins that may still be lurking. I feel like it’s a long time after quitting drinking & smoking to do this stuff, but the lethargy, brain fog and skin irritations just made me feel like my body was having some issues. I don’t know. Did anyone else feel like that or try doing cleanses? I drank that detox tea when I first quit and I felt like that helped a lot with urges and cravings so I thought that this couldn’t hurt.

My apologies for not being up to date on everyone else’s blogs, the past few weeks have been insane at work! And productive! Thank goodness! I will try to set aside a little time each day to read and catch up. I can’t at home because I don’t have internet at home 😦

139 days! Closing in on 150!


Pouty face

When I was young my mother used to tell me not to pout. In her mind, I had a generally sulky attitude when I was little and she hated it. I try to be anything but pouty and sulky as an adult, but this past weekend was a bit of an exception.

Friday night the boyfriend wanted to go out for dinner (surprise! A real date night?!) but then one of his friends called and wanted to get together so he changed our plans to meet up with this guy at a lounge instead. Dinner at a lounge so that they could watch the hockey game and drink. I took my own car so that I could leave early as I didn’t feel like being the designated driver again for him. Just as I was getting ready to leave in flounces a woman he was seeing at the same time as me when we first got together. She was drunker than a skunk and having a ball with a group of friends. She was so happy to see him and while they were saying their hellos I slinked out (pouting). I wasn’t pouting because she was there but I was pouting because I felt a real hard sharp twinge of jealousy over another woman my age being carefree, drunk and having fun. So I drove all the way home, fuming and pouting and mentally giving my mother, the boyfriend and the drunk woman the middle finger. THIS situation right there – when I was drinking – would have been a recipe for disaster. I would have gone home to drink, got more mad and upset and blown everything completely out of proportion. I did acknowledge what I was feeling and I let it wash over me and then gradually slide away. I made myself a huge bowl of icecream and hot chocolate and found a comedy show on tv to watch. The boyfriend came home about an hour later and wanted a pat on the back for being home early and not drinking much.

Saturday I had a ton of stuff to do around the house and had to get ready for a candle party thing I was having Sunday afternoon. Boyfriend has stuff to do outside and errands to run. He tells me that he’s going to call up one of his drinking buddies to run errands with him. Yeah right, I tell him that would be a write off of the day, but he does, and it was. They end up going over to the drinking buddies house while I’m out running errands. The drinking buddie’s wife texts me to invite me over for dinner and a visit and I make up an excuse, rent some movies and go home, and sulk again.

I must have opened and closed the liquor cabinet doors about 20 times this weekend. Those “just go on a bender” “Just have a drink” “Go and get drunk, just one night then you can go back to being sober again” thoughts, ughhhh really, 4 months sober and they can still come on that strongly and last for an entire weekend?