Round and round she goes

My life has been a little topsy turvy lately, full of questions and indecisiveness and need for change. There has been some upheaval at my work and what started out as casually looking for work elsewhere, has turned into an all-consuming full job-hunting mode. And it’s SCARY! Plus I have come to realize that I really really suck at interviews.

1,023 days of no booze & no cigs though guys… heck YES!


  1. Untipsyteacher · August 15, 2019

    Good luck, honey!

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  2. Dewy · August 15, 2019

    Good luck. Just need to dress comfortably and show your confidence.

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · August 19, 2019

      I have a hard time thinking on my feet and thinking quickly, which makes me bumble a bit during interviews (and then think of the perfect answers the rest of the day). I really feel like I’ve missed out on some great jobs that I would have been fantastic at solely because of this

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      • Dewy · August 19, 2019

        I’ve gone to a few job interviews and they were crap. It’s because I was nervous and wearing uncomfortable clothing didn’t help.
        Now I just say whatever and if the vibes are not there you don’t want the job anyway. I tend to ask lots of questions so they don’t have time to ask you any 😂

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      • shehidbehindtheglass · August 19, 2019

        I keep telling myself that every rejection is a redirection, and that the interview for my perfect job will be easy, natural and feel right. Thanks for your encouragement Dewy 💖

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  3. Hurrahforcoffee · August 19, 2019

    Good luck you will do great! Also well done on the no cigarettes you are absolutely amazing for having stopped both at the same time my friend x💖❤️

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · August 19, 2019

      Thanks Hurrah! I truly feel like quitting both at the same time was one of the reasons I was successful. It was sooo hard but they went so hand in hand for me!

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