I think I found my summer drink. A raspberry mojito mocktail. I had one at a restaurant last night and it was delicious. It didn’t even really bother me that while I was drinking it other people at our table were commenting on how good it looked but that it needed rum or vodka or both. I couldn’t even imagine it with anything alcoholic in it, I was just envisioning sipping on it while sitting outside in the hot sun, listening to the birds chirp, lol.

It was made with mint, crushed raspberries and chunks of lime, and lots of ice. And sparkling water. It was topped off with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint, and it was heaven in my mouth and beautiful to look at. I do like raspberries though, I think that they’re my favourite fruit. I bet that strawberries or blackberries would also be fabulous in this too.

I used to joke about how growing up with parents who forced me to drink Buckley’s syrup set me up for being able to drink anything and take shots of any alcohol straight up. Ran out of stuff to mix vodka with? Noooo problem, I’ll just drink it straight up. Oh, you think your wine might be a little off? Nooo problem, I’ll drink it anyway and make fun of you for having leftover wine that even has a chance to start turning to vinegar.

In sobriety this has changed though into really, really appreciating and savouring different drinks and flavours. Good coffee, gingery gingerales, tangy citrus, some of the  awesome natural root beers, drinks like the raspberry mojito mocktail…. And even just sparkling waters. I drink a lot of water too, but even that I find that I fruit infuse (latest fave is pineapple & mint)

Hope everyone s having a great weekend! Lazy Sunday here ❤



  1. Dewy · March 26, 2017

    Sounds divine. I’m having my cup of instant. My love is to go discovering new cafes. Melbourne is the coffee capital. There’s cafes everywhere and most of them make a decent coffee 😊

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  2. Elizabeth · March 26, 2017

    You’ve made me want to run right out the door for those ingredients! Sounds utterly fabulous. Enjoy your lazy day! ❤

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  3. Mark David Goodson · March 26, 2017

    Lovely sounding drink there. Truly delicious. I’m partial to flavorful drinks for the summer/spring.

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  4. Hurrahforcoffee · March 27, 2017

    I need to expand my horisons on this front. I drink coffee by the bucket load (big surprise I know) tea and water. That’s it, so booooring. Going to try your suggestions.

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · March 27, 2017

      Sometimes I just need something different lol and this stops me from feeling too sorry for myself or left out. Why would I want a boring old beer or glass of wine when I have all of this awesomeness to choose from?! 😉

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  5. soberinvegas · March 27, 2017

    this sounds so amazing!!


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