The lure of it

I wanted a drink tonight. 

This weekend was full of entertaining, housework, running around picking up stuff for the entertaining, cooking, baking, unexpected company, and several food disasters. I made it through the entire weekend without even a desire for a drink, but tonight after the last guest left and the boyfriend packed it in and was in bed by 9 pm, and I was cleaning up and making my lunch for tomorrow, I wanted a drink. So instead, I made fruit salad. 

I cut, peeled, cored, washed all the fruit I could find in my house.  I put music on and headphones in. I started going through the mental checklist of n/a drinks that I have in the house to see what appealed to me. Nothing. I wanted a drink.

In the past an evening like this would definitely have involved bevvies. As soon as the boyfriend went to bed I would have switched from wine to vodka, or maybe spiced rum. I would have been sitting here right now drinking whatever it was straight, staggering to bed way later than I should, to have a crappy sleep and go to work hungover on a Monday. Instead, I made fruit salad and tomorrow’s lunch. I thought about how close I am to 100 days and how I’ve been through cravings and urges a lot worse than the one tonight, and I made tea and thought about what I’d write on here. 

Tonight I wanted a drink, but I didn’t have one because I knew it wouldn’t be just “a” drink or “just tonight”, and I’m going to bed way later than I should, but That’s ok.

96 days.


  1. Mary · January 30, 2017

    What a wonderful encouragement you are sharing. I am so thankful for you.

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  2. Hurrahforcoffee · January 30, 2017

    YES!!! Well done honey. You are in that danger time where your brain is double checking that you in this this for the long haul. So glad you rode it it out. Huge high five!!!!

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · January 30, 2017

      Thanks Hurrah! It was so weird. It wasn’t the angry persistant craving that I’ve had many times, but it was more like a dull ache or a quiet little “that is what I’d like” feeling.

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  3. Newchapter · January 30, 2017

    Well done πŸ™‚ I had my first craving too so had a bath

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · January 30, 2017

      I had a craving so bad one time that I got in a hot shower and stayed in there until the water ran cold haha. I just kept slowly and gently rubbing myself down with the loofah pom ball and some nice smelling shower gel. Then I went from there to the bed and curled up in a ball under the covers. I think that one was the most intense one I have had; it was scary!

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      • Newchapter · January 30, 2017

        I think that will be me soon 😨

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      • shehidbehindtheglass · January 30, 2017

        Hey, we do whatever it takes. Hot showers and boat load of chocolate or icecream hahaha. Hang in there!


  4. tiredoftreadingwater · January 30, 2017

    Well done! So close to the big 100 now. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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  5. dewyplace · January 30, 2017

    Yippee Doo only 4 more days I think the first time I read your blog you were only day 30 or something and now you’re nearly day 100 well done 😊

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  6. morethanmyshare · January 30, 2017

    way to go!

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  7. Merry B. Sober · January 30, 2017


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  8. ainsobriety · January 30, 2017

    Great job.
    I still notice it is when I am overtired or over stimulated from a busy weekend that ideas of drinking arise. It’s always good to notice that, and to be prepared for post activity let down.

    I hope a good sleep helps!

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · January 30, 2017

      Thanks Anne! It was so weird, it took me right off guard actually! It’s like those odd little cigarette cravings that pop up out of nowhere too.


  9. SWMum · January 30, 2017

    Well done honey. You are amazing.. 100 days is sooo close now!! xxx

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  10. Elizabeth · January 30, 2017

    Great going! You’ve got us all with you. ❀

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  11. Paul S · January 31, 2017

    congrats – it’s a great feeling when you surf the urge and move past the crest into calm waters.

    I bet that fruit salad is going to taste better because you know what it took to take it. πŸ™‚


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    • shehidbehindtheglass · January 31, 2017

      Thank you! It’s a really great feeling to ride that wave out. Thankfully they’re easier and fewer than they were in the beginning. This one was so weird how it just snuck in like a gentle whisp of smoke. It really took me off guard.

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