Waving hand like a madman

HI!!! Hey, I’m here! Hi everyone! 71 days and counting! I have so much catching up to do on everyone’s blogs, yikes! Between snow storms and holidays and taking time off work, being at home with no internet and crappy cell phone service I feel like I’m totally behind! I’ve been thinking of you all though ❤



  1. Hurrahforcoffee · January 4

    71 days is awesome. xxx

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  2. beingmesober · January 4

    Yaaaaaaaa!!! That is amazing!!! Keep going!! It gets better and better everyday! Xo

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  3. I Quit Wineing · January 4

    Yay to 71 days x

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  4. Untipsyteacher · January 4

    71 Days is wonderful!
    It’s FREEZING here!

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · January 4

      Here too Wendy! -40 with the windchill! YUCK!

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      • ainsobriety · January 4

        That’s a normal winter day in fort mcmurray. Lol
        My kids won’t even wear gloves!

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      • shehidbehindtheglass · January 4

        Anne, it is here too in mb. I’m a big suck when it comes to the cold. I’m currently sitting in the basement next to the wood burning stove hahaha, I’d stay here for the next 2 months if I could!

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  5. ainsobriety · January 4


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  6. truthbetold1111 · January 4

    Yay! You’re an inspiration! 🤗

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  7. girl undrunk · January 4

    Awesome! 😻


  8. dewyplace · January 6

    Hooray only another 9 days to 80 you’re doing well . I’ve spent the evening eating ice cream, chips, cheese , biscuit celebrating your 71 days 😂

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  9. Elizabeth · January 6

    Congrats! I’m feeling overwhelmed right now trying to ‘catch up’ with all the posts I’ve missed. I need to find some rhythm to all this.


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