The lonely road

My drive to work this morning was a quiet one, with barely another soul on the highway. I think that most people are taking the day off in order to have an extra long weekend. I was listening to my favourite radio station when they started talking about Christmas shots that they had invented (gravy with whisky and cranberry juice was the one that I heard before I changed the channel). The next channel was playing a remake of the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” to “It’s the most wonderful time for beeerrr” Fffttt. Radio off. Once I turned the radio off I started really looking around and paying attention to what I was driving by instead of just driving on autopilot while listening to the radio. Boy it was beautiful out! Gorgeous sunrise, stillness of winter, peace and quiet and calm. I wanted to pull over to the side and take it all in but as usual I was already late to work. Because I was driving in silence, I started thinking… this drive this morning was a lot like the lonely road into sobriety. Going from being surrounded by people excited about new “holiday themed shots!”, singing songs but changing the verses, constant… noise. When you turn that off, what happens? You’re forced to take a good look around. If you’re lucky, you can find the peace and calm and beauty. (or you can be a grumpy pants and look at your new scenery negatively “stupid snow, short little trees with no leaves! No one around to wave at or flip off!”) I flip between the two, but I’m really trying so hard to take the time to notice and appreciate what’s going on around me lately. There’s a lot of beauty out there just waiting for us to notice it.

Day 59 today, and YAYYYY my skin is finally clearing up!!



  1. Rob · December 23, 2016

    Awesome post. I loved the pictures and how you are honest about how you tune to different stations in your head. Tomorrow is 60 days!! Way to go👏👏👏👏👏

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  2. ainsobriety · December 23, 2016

    So true. We see what we are looking for.

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  3. dewyplace · December 23, 2016

    yay just in time for Christmas too. Glad you’re looking better and your posts are always quite inspiring. On my end I’ve managed to lose 1 whole kilo. hehehe with the weather being so hot don’t feel like eating much and the result was 1 whole kilo gone. I need another 3 off and I am a happy woman. 1 down only 3 more to go.


  4. Elizabeth · December 23, 2016

    Congrats on 59! Love your analogy with looking around at nature. It looks like my kind of place. Nature’s beauty can take the place of so much if we’re willing to shut out and turn off the world’s chatter. Have a Blessed and Sober Christmas. Love this post!

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