Ice cream is the new…

It’s crazy how “I need a drink” is what we think of after a tough day, like it’s the natural response, AND it’s the natural response for people around us too! “Let me pour you a drink”, “do you want to go for a drink?” It’s not just the tough days but exciting days too “woohoo! That’s great! Let’s go for drinks to celebrate!”, “Cheers!” 

How did it get like this? Why did it get like this? Why weren’t flowers the go-to? Or tea? Or ice cream? The world would be a lot different if ice cream was used in place of alcohol after bad days or sad days or days that needed to be celebrated. Ice cream wouldn’t be a leading cause of fatal car accidents, domestic abuse and murder. You could legally have ice cream when you’re underage, driving and pregnant (even have it if you’re all three of those at the same time!)

Drinking is so ingrained on us, so shoved in our faces and there, present everywhere. Tv commercials, billboards, ads on hockey rinks, ads in magazines, radio commercials, everywhere. Once they decided that smoking was bad for us, they stopped allowing their ads everywhere and yet they don’t do that with alcohol. Here’s  my solution to the vast majority of society’s problems – dump all the alcohol marketing and replace them with flowers, tea and ice cream ones.

I’m going to start responding to people’s bad, sad or celebratory days with “can I run you a bath? Make you some tea? Would you like to go to a movie or out for some ice cream? Yahoo, lets go for ice cream to celebrate!” Why not? ☺️

Peace ✌️️



  1. Rob · December 10, 2016

    Make mine Rocky Road! I so agree with you. This legalized drug has killed more people than all the wars and diseases combined. That is a fact. But alas! Corporate greed will keep the killing machine alive and well. have a perfectly peaceful day.

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  2. ainsobriety · December 10, 2016

    We are ahead of the curve.

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  3. dewyplace · December 10, 2016

    make mine a rum and raisin and a walk on the beach ..

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  4. MilesAwayGrrrl · December 10, 2016

    Last night had an amazing catch up dinner with a mate I haven’t seen for ages. So much to catch up on. Real talk. Mint teas. Talking through the highs and the lows. Real honesty. The waitress asked when I was paying ‘so, you ladies out for a late one?’ Wink wink kinda thing. My mate goes enthusiastically,’no, but we’re going for ice cream now!’ She looks at us funny… I go ‘AND we get all the sprinkles we want!’ She attempted a smile Whig massively failed. Haha.

    Sat on a bench on a main going out street in central London with our massive ice cream cones – extra toppings -all the free sprinkles…we watched people stumbling around, falling over, shouting random loud ‘funny’ crap… Both of us just super happy with our Friday night. Laughing how many times we used to be at a bar down the road – and discussed how we used to cry in the middle of nights out, wake yo with people we didn’t mean to,the crippling anxiety, etc.. And people think we are the weirdos having a crap night now.

    Long ramble there!! But yeh, everyone has an investment in alcohol – pubs, clubs, advertisers, spas, supermarkets, everyone! Celebrate! Commiserate! Bored? Tired? Sad? We have the answer!! … even though it’s so obviously a drug, has huge negative effects on SO many different levels, and it is poison for your body. All of which are so obvious. Do a couple lines of coke one night and tell your boss at work the next day? Could be fired. Drunk at the Xmas party, stumble about, kiss a married co worker, say things you shouldn’t say.. Throw up outside the venue, turn up late and stinking the next day? ‘What a trooper!!!’

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  5. Hurrahforcoffee · December 11, 2016

    Yes to all of this! I wonder if one day drinking will be viewed the same way smoking is now. xxxx

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  6. sauvignonblackout · December 11, 2016

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Shehid.It IS absolutely shoved in our faces left, right and centre. From supermarkets, to adverts on the radio, to films and soap operas. We have been taught ‘a drink fixes everything and celebrates everything’.It’s no wonder the world has this warped view of how to process emotions. I’ll take the ice cream any day! Haagen daz strawberry cheesecake always hits the spot xxxx

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  7. Untipsyteacher · December 11, 2016

    I agree!!
    My hubs and I now celebrate with ice cream!
    (Well we always did, but now it’s official!)
    I also celebrate with coffee.
    Tea is my new way to be calm, and feel peaceful.
    Flowers are lovely for any good day or bad day.

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  8. suburbanbetty · December 11, 2016

    Ice cream is SO MUCH BETTER than booze.

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  9. nursinggrudgesandliquor · December 15, 2016

    I ate a pint or two of ice cream every week for the first six weeks or so.

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