Do short people have shorter tempers?

Oh lolly… lots of triggers for me today. I had a meeting this morning about 45 mins away, downtown. I gave myself an hour for it because I wasn’t sure how the roads would be after 2 days of snowy weather. TWO HOURS. It took me 2 friggin hours. #1, It was not bad weather today. #2, I drive a car with standard transmission, winter tires and traction control and I drive carefully and keep a good distance between me and the car in front. #3, there were patches of snow on the roads and some sections were snow covered. #4, why does it seem like everyone either drives at turtles pace or breakneck speed with no in between, and I get stuck behind the turtle while the speeder rides my ass? #5, apparently the person behind me today can read lips, no sign language was required.

So I was late for the meeting. After the meeting, a group of us went to try out one of those panic rooms. It was fun. A little different than I was expecting ( I think the one we went to was a knock off version or something because it was nothing like ones I’ve heard about or seen pics of… haha). It was with a fun group though, a group that rarely gets together to do anything social together so I’m glad that we did this rather than head to a pub or something.

The drive home was another one with my shoulders up by my ears, glaring bitterly at every store I passed that sold wine. Well, perhaps more longingly than bitterly. I feel like the drunk me thinks that she has just been put on a time out, and she’s gone from being mad about it to being apologetic and lonely. “Just let me out! I promise to behave. I won’t go all CAAHHRRAAZZZYYY like last time!” “Shut up! You’re making me sound all caahhrazzyy by talking about you like you’re a separate entity for gods sake” ha, even when I was drinking I’d refer to drunk me like a different person “I did what?! Sheesh, darn that drunk Tate” ANYWAY… made it home safely! Now it’s time to relax, with tea. Day 44 😁



  1. Rob · December 8, 2016

    Just stay on the course, even it is one that requires snow tires and traction control. Breath deep, don’t forget, I will keep hounding you to try meditation. Some day you will thank me, like a lot. Be well my friendly frog…


  2. morethanmyshare · December 9, 2016

    i started writing you a comment but it got too big so i moved it over to my post. this post sounds like me. I totally argue with the voice. it’s a tricky little bastard but we can beat it.

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · December 9, 2016

      haha, I just read your post and thought that it sounded like you were replying to mine!


  3. asobermiracle · December 9, 2016

    THANK GOD we don’t get much snow here. It would drive me absolutely bonkers. I’m glad you made it past the wine stores. Congrats on 44 days!!!

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  4. dewyplace · December 9, 2016

    hehehe it will drive me nuts too and I don’t have any nuts lol One time I got caught out . Took me 3 hours instead of an hour 10 and couldn’t go pee either as my starter motor was half dead and the guy who started the car for me told me if I turn the engine off it might not start again ..

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  5. Untipsyteacher · December 9, 2016

    So happy you didn’t drink even with all that crazy going on!

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · December 10, 2016

      Im trying so hard to retrain my brain to want peace and pampering (ie soothing tea or hot bath) after days like that!


  6. suburbanbetty · December 10, 2016

    She IS a separate entity. I call mine Doris. I tell her to fuck off frequently.

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