In the midst of baking and looked down to see my arms covered in rashes! What the heck… my skin has been so super sensitive since I quit drinking! I STILL have rashes, blotches and hives all over my face. Have any of you tried any detox teas, bath salts or anything like that after quitting drinking? I bought some detox bath salt stuff and I think it’s time to use it. I’ve been increasing my water intake too so hopefully that helps to flush toxins too although I’m struggling to understand why this is such a big issue for me at 43 days grrrr.



  1. dewyplace · December 7, 2016

    I used to get red hands from handling the flour. I stopped baking unless it’s cakes that I can pop into a cake mixer .
    Take an antihistamine it should help with the itch and dampen it down.
    Use unscented soaps like sorbolene etc

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · December 7, 2016

      Thanks Dewy, never thought about it being from the flour!

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      • dewyplace · December 7, 2016

        Lately I’ve been baking again and it’s been okie . I just handle the flour the least amount of time and wash my hands straight after.

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  2. asobermiracle · December 7, 2016

    I took baths with epsom salt because it’s supposed to draw out toxins, like the ocean. I don’t get the expensive scented kind, though. I get a big box of the plain (cheap) kind.

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  3. Rob · December 7, 2016

    Love the hamsa! Can’t help you on the skin lol

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  4. audreycandoit · December 8, 2016

    Hey hon – sorry about the rash. I got one (won’t tell you where tmi ha!) and stumbled on a southern remedy. It really worked for me. It’s called MOM – milk of magnesia. It’s for stomach problems, but if you buy a bottle and use a cotton pad to dab it on the rash, then use your hairdryer to dry it. It dry’s clear, not sticky and it works. My rash was cleared up in two days. Good luck.

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