But first… two questions

Question #1 – did anyone else’s tummy area hurt a lot weeks after quitting drinking? Gahhh mine is killing me. Maybe my liver is shrinking and everything is shifting around in there or something. lol

Question #2 – can you imagine how terrifying skunks would be if they were as big as a bear? Yes I know that this seems like a totally random question, but when I was driving to work today I saw something down a side road that looked like a giant skunk (probably a snow pile with dirt on it) and it made me think of that.



  1. sauvignonblackout · November 30

    Hi! My stomach is doing weird things too, but I would say I am having more problems with headaches and dizziness. Oooh I love random questions! Yes, bear-sized skinks would be freaky…but how cute would skunk-sized bears be?? I would sooo have a mini bear if they came in tiny sizes. Like kitten size… xxx

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · November 30

      Skunk-sized bears would be SUPER CUTE!! In the late 90’s, early 2000’s there was a commercial that aired on a Canadian tv station about a miniature house hippo and I think ever since then I have had an obsession with miniature animals lol


      • sauvignonblackout · November 30

        haha, fantastic! Yes, miniature is awesome. I would have all sorts. Definitely a kitten sized panther… a pocket-sized koala and if we are messing around with he size of stuff a giant butterfly might be nice! 🙂 xxx

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      • shehidbehindtheglass · November 30

        Giant butterflies would be awesome and make the world seem like a very magical place. I was going to say that giant hummingbirds would too, until I thought about the giant beaks they would come with and how fast they’d move. Yikes! Haha


      • sauvignonblackout · November 30

        This makes me sound like a geek, but I saw a programme once about humming birds. Apparently they use so many calories during the day doing all that hovering and wing-flapping, that at night time they have put themselves into a nearly-dead state of extremely slowed heartbeat. If they didn’t do this they would die of starvation because they use so much energy in the day and can’t consume enough calories to counter it. I found it fascinating… Clearly these hummingbirds haven’t discovered Marks&Spencers cupcakes yet! Excellent source of calories. No slowing of the heartbeat required at night time!

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      • shehidbehindtheglass · December 1

        That’s fascinating actually! Thanks for sharing that! I love hummingbirds and can’t imagine how many calories they must burn with how fast those little wings flap! Lol re the cupcakes!

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  2. Hurrahforcoffee · November 30

    My tummy is still doing weird things:) Yes to mini bears, no to bear sized skunks defo. xxx

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  3. soberisland · December 1

    Do you eat yogurt? You might need some gut helpers. Sweet potato, kale, beets and pumpkin/squash and pears. Eat one of these a day, you will be better in a week

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  4. Four Stars · December 1

    I want a pocket sized bear too!

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