My body has decided to rebel against the nicotine patches now – 5 friggin weeks in and I all of a sudden start getting a massive red itchy rash under the patch? I put one on, noticed when I went to replace it after 24 hrs that there was a bit of a rash under where the patch was, so I waited 24 hrs and then put a new one on the opposite arm. Within 12 hrs it was all welted up and itchier than %^$#! I took it off, and it’s been over 36 hrs now and it’s still red and itchy! Agghhh!! Sometimes I just want to scream at my body “I’m trying to do good things for you!! Stop being so stupid and rebellious!” and then go kick something or steal some kids candy or something.



  1. Hurrahforcoffee · November 16, 2016

    Thanks for the post. You make me giggle sometimes, hope you didn’t end up stealing some poor kid’s candy. Patches also gave me a rash, first 3 weeks of stopping are the worst. Good luck. x

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    • shehidbehindtheglass · November 16, 2016

      Dang hurrah, just ruthless- giggling at my pain and torment lol. The kids stayed safe – I have a hidden stash of candy to pacify myself on days like this. Got home, broke a mirror (accidentally!), burned garlic toast, undercooked meatballs and overcooked pasta. *sigh* luckily the boyfriend sent me a text to say he was going out for appetizers on his way home so I think I’m going to curl up under a warm blanket, watch some mindless tv and eat my not-stolen-from-little-kids candy

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  2. suburbanbetty · November 19, 2016

    Hello! I would like to strongly recommend losing the patch and reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking. Which I realize sounds like bullshit but it’s not. The patch just keeps you addicted to nicotine indefinitely. Personally, I found it easier to quit drinking first, deal with THAT SHIT while using smoking a s crutch, then I quit smoking (with said book.) I miss smoking way more than drinking but I don’t smoke because I’ll just have to quit again and of course that sucked. 🙂

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  3. Rob · December 2, 2016

    Lol. You’re also not supposed to go to bed with the patch on. Ya don’t smoke while you sleep do ya? Lmao


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