Day 4!

I did it last night! I took my own car to the steak night thing at the bar, ordered a 7-up while sitting with a group of the boyfriends drinking buddies, ordered an appetizer that I wanted, told some funny stories about my trip to Dallas and solo road trip from there up to Oklahoma, finished my food and another 7-up and excused myself early. Boyfriend was mad that I was leaving and he stayed but I don’t care. Funny thing was that I actually worried about whether I should order an orange and 7-up so that no one would notice that I wasn’t drinking my usual vodka-orange-7, but I was SO worried it would somehow end up with alcohol in it, like the bartender would make it out of habit or something 🙄. No one even noticed that I was drinking 7-up lol.

In the past, me leaving early would mean that I wanted to get home to my bottle of wine and drink in peace and quiet. Last night I just wanted to get home to read the email from Belle at 100 day challenge that was all of her month 2 blogs 😁 Then I was in bed before the boyfriend got home.




  1. Sober Jen · October 29, 2016

    That’s awesome!!!! I used to worry too about those things but now, I realize how annoying certain people get after a few drinks, those peeps never know the difference! Great job!


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