Weekend worries

I’ve been itchy today. Itchy and fidgety and craving something that I can’t put a finger on. I’ve mentally gone over all sorts of different foods from fresh bread to chocolate bars, meats, licorice, everything. Nothing jumps out. So weird.

The boyfriend called to say that we were invited to the bar tonight by some of his friends for steak night, and that he wants us to go to a social tomorrow night for a friends daughter’s wedding (I think the area that I live in is perhaps the only place that has socials – they’re a type of fundraiser for people getting married. It’s like a party but not as exciting. You buy tickets for about $20 and then basically what happens is people sit around tables drinking until they’re drunk enough to go and dance (because the music is so loud that you can’t hold a conversation), and there’s a silent auction and usually a texas mickey or basket of wine raffle too, and a 50/50. The winning tickets for prizes usually don’t get drawn until around 1am). I told him I could try the steak night tonight but that I’d like to take my own car so that I can leave early if I want to, and that I really would prefer not to go to the social tomorrow. Those things were torture for me even when I was drinking as I’m older than most of the crowd there, but younger than the grandparents, and my dance moves suck, even when I was drunk lol. Oy. Now I’m trying to put myself into the frame of mind or thought process of not being nervous and uptight about going out, but excited to socialize and see what fun virgin drinks I can have tonight. yay….


  1. Anna · October 28, 2016

    Oh, social situations can be so hard, especially in the early days (I’m going through it too). It sounds like you’re doing a great job setting yourself up for success, but anticipating your needs. Making things as easy for yourself as possible is so key! Good job, lady! ❀


  2. Sober Jen · October 29, 2016

    How did your night go? I hope great!!!!


    • shehidbehindtheglass · October 29, 2016

      Hi Jen! It was good! I took my own car, drank 7-up, had some fun conversations and left early by myself. Made it through today too 😁 Day 5 tomorrow!! Woohoo! Hope you’re having a great weekend, and thanks for checking in on me 😁

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